WF40 Wi-Fi Dongle for Yealink IP Phones

Quick Info:

  • Connect the phones below via Wi-Fi
  • For locations without Network wiring
  • Easy to move phone to another location
  • requires the phone to be connected to power outlet

Compatible with:

  • Yealink T-29G, T-29G
  • Yealink T-41S, T-42S, T-46S, T-48S
  • Yealink T-46G, T-48G

Designed for:

  • Connecting the above phones via Wi-Fi
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The Yealink Wi-Fi Dongle can be used in conjunction with the Yealink SIP  T-27G, T-29G, T-41S, T42S, T-46G+S and T-48G+S.

Update your Yealink IP Phone with the latest firmware and plug the WF 40 Wi-Fi Dongle into the USB port on the back of your phone. The USB dongle will show up as connected in the interface of your phone and you will be able to connect your IP Phone via Wi-Fi to the Network. This is especially convenient when placing the phone where you have Wi-Fi coverage but can’t access to the LAN Network. For more information please refer to the WF40 User Guide or view the technical Data Sheet.

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