Hosted IVR for Small Teams

Quick Info:

  • hosted in Bangkok by VoIP Thailand
  • designed Start-ups and distributed teams
  • small & medium setups

Compatible with:

  • Bangkok, Thailand DID Numbers

Designed for:

  • businesses with essential needs
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What can VoIP Thailand’s Hosted IVR / Virtual Receptionist do for me?

You work in a small team without the need for a real office but it’s important for your business to leave a professional Impression with your customers. If clients call your company Number the Virtual Receptionist is greeting them. This is a great way of leaving a professional first impression with your clients when they are contacting you while you can distribute incoming calls to the right members of your team.

Our Virtual Receptionist greets, informs and directs callers to the right contact person in your team.

VoIP Thailand’s Hosted IVR or Virtual Receptionist offers you the following:

  • Greet you customers professional and leave a great first impression with your clients
  • Automatically distribute all incoming calls to the right contact person’s phone in your team.
  • After working hours incoming calls can be directed to a prerecorded announcement or to a team member located in a different time zone for example.

Who is our Hosted IVR designed for?

The hosted IVR Service designed for startups, small businesses and freelancers that:

  • operate from mobile phones
  • work in a small distributed teams
  • don’t have an own office
  • don’t have their own internet line
  • operate from co-working spaces or virtual offices
  • want to build trust with their clients by showing a fixed line phone number on their website.

What is a “Virtual Receptionist” and how does this work?

The Virtual Receptionist is a voice recording played to your customers that usually offers an intuitive menu like “Thank you for calling company xyz …. , ภาษาไทย กรุณา กด 1 for English please press2, followed by “for sales, press 1, for service, press 2,” etc.” Once the caller presses a number on their phone that matches their inquiry the call will be forwarded to the mobile phone or landline of the right team member in your company.

What phone number do I see when receiving inbound calls from customers?

You will see your companies DID phone number calling you. If you save it to your mobile phone book it makes it very easy for you to “Greet your customers with your company name as you know that someone is calling your companies phone number.

What are the limitations of the “Hosted IVR”?

VoIP Thailand’s “Hosted IVR” package does not allow you to connect any physical extension phones to make outbound calls from your companies phone number.

What are my other options?

If you want to see the phone number of your customers and want to call them back on their phone number you can opt for our “Hosted IVR Plus package” See details below.

If you need advanced features like a virtual conference room, call recording, Voicemail2email, connecting existing analog phone lines etc, contact us for our Onsite or Hosted IP PBX Solutions.

What’s included in the package?

The package includes the setup and Hosting of your Virtual Receptionist. The following options are included in the package.

  • Company Greeting
  • Daytime IVR
  • After hour IVR
  • Weekend  IVR
  • Multilanguage possibility
  • Forwarding of up to 8 different phones based on time and weekday.

Can I change the announcement or a team member’s phone number later?

Yes, sure you can. If you want to change your IVR or update a phone number of a team member just let us know. This service is included within your monthly hosting subscription.

What does it cost?

The package includes the setup and Hosting of your Virtual Receptionist. The following options are included in the package.

  • Setup fee: The initial setup fee for your “Hosted IVR” is 2950 THB “ Hosted IVR Plus” is 4950 THB
  • Hosting charges: Monthly hosting and support charge are 1000THB per month / 2500 THB month for “ Hosted IVR Plus”
  • Call forwarding charges: You have to pay to call forwarding charges for incoming calls to your landline or mobile phone.  Does not apply for “Hosted IVR Plus” in combination with Mobile Softphone extensions.
  • If you subscribe to a Bangkok DID Number there is a monthly charge of 214 THB including 266 minutes for forwarding calls. Access minutes will be charged 0.75 Satang / minute.
  • If you subscribe to a Thailand DID Number there is a monthly charge of 535 THB including 500 minutes for forwarding calls. Access minutes will be charged 1 Baht / minute

The actual announcement:

What else do I need? Apart from the phone number you will need to prepare the call flow and provide recording of the actual IVR. Don’t worry. We are experienced in designing professional IVR’s and will guide and support you with this task if you have any questions or need help. Once the call flow has been designed and the Greeting and IVR has been recorded we will take care to format the file into the right format and connect it with your IVR.

How do I record the announcement? You can easily record the announcement with your mobile phone and send us the file.

Do you offer a professional a recording for our “Virtual Receptionist”?

If you are looking for a professional studio recorded file with background music recorded by a professional voice talent take a look here.

What is the difference between a “Hosted IVR”, Hosted IVR Plus” and a “Hosted IP PBX”?

Our “Hosted IVR” does not require any hardware and forwards incoming calls to mobile phones. The key advantage is that this system is very cost effective and lean. No hardware needs to be purchased. You don’t even need an Internet connection. Hosted in a Tier3+ Data Center in Bangkok your IVR is very reliable. The Hosted IVR is charged 1000 THB per month.

Our “Hosted IVR Plus” allow you to connect up to 8 Softphone extensions on Android and I Phones for 2500 THB per month. This Solution is aimed at teams that also want to make outbound calls via their office phone number and make free calls between team members. Incoming calls are free of charge as they are not forwarded.

A “Hosted or Onsite IP PBX” on the other hand has more functionally and is used by companies that have their own office space. See our comparison chart below:

What is the right Solution for you?

Comparison Chart Hosted IVR Hosted IVR Plus Hosted IP PBX
Phone numbers One phone number One phone number Multiple phone numbers
Outbound calls possible N/A Yes Yes
Voicemail2email N/A N/A (optional with IP Phone Extension) Yes
IVR Yes Yes Yes
Call Recording N/A N/A Yes
Free calls between extensions N/A Yes Yes
Virtual conference room N/A N/A Yes
Incoming calls Call forward rate is charged Free Free
What phone number do I see Your business phone number Callers phone number Callers phone number
Best suited for: small distributed teams without physical office that look for a cheap solution but want to leave a professional impression with their customers Small distributed teams without physical office that look for a cheap solution but want to leave a professional impression with their customers with the additional option to be able to see their customer’s phone numbers and call them back. companies have their own office and need more advanced features, like call recording, virtual conference room, analog phone line integration, Videoconferencing Hot-Desking etc.
Ring Groups available N/A Yes Yes
Max Extensions 8 8 unlimited
Connect IP Phones N/A On request (250 THB additional charge per phone) incl. Voicemail yes
Onetime Setup charge 2950 THB 4950 THB Depends on project
Monthly charge 1000 THB or 10.000 per year (2 month free) 2500 THB or 25.000 per year (2 month free) Depending on extensions


Onsite / Hosted


Max extensions


Max concurrent calls


Max SIP Trunk registrations


FXO ports (PSTN)

Not Available

FXS ports (Phones)

Not Available

BRI ports (ISDN)

Not Available

GSM/3G/4G Gateway

Not Available

PRI / E1 port built-in

Not Available

Virtual conference bridges



Not Available



Smart phone integration


Call Reporting (CDR)


Fax sending / receiving

Not Supported


Not Available

Call Recording

Virtual Assistant (IVR)

Multi-level IVR

Hot Desking

Not Available

Music on Hold


PMS Integation

Not Available

Call Center features

Not Available


Does not apply

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