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A toll free phone number is the perfect marketing instrument for customer focused businesses such as Hotels, Embassies, Hospitals, Start-ups and other customer centered Multinationals and SME’s where building trust and reputation is key. Let your customers call you free of charge and help them to answer the questions they have. How to use this service? Our toll free phone numbers can be attached to: Our toll free numbers can be used as over the top service with:
  • VoIP Thailand’s Thailand DID Numbers (multichannel for call centers)
  • VoIP Thailand’s Bangkok Numbers (dual channel)
  • Any fixed line phone Number in Thailand.
  • Any Thai mobile phone number
What are the key advantages of our Thailand Toll Free phone Numbers?
  • Keep your 1800 toll free number when moving without losing customers
  • Receive multiple incoming calls at the same time in conjunction with VoIP Thailand’s SIP trunks.
  • No physical installation needed.
  • Phone numbers can be used with VoIP Thailand’s hosted and onsite IP PBX Solutions.
  • Leave a professional impression with a Thailand 1800-Toll-Free Phone Number
  • Automatically distribute incoming calls to the right contact person in your team in combination with VoIP Thailand’s IP PBX Solutions.
  • Let customers from overseas call you free of charge.
Phone numbers can be reached from the following countries by dialing +800-xxxx-xxxx
Australia Belgium Canada China Denmark
Finland France Hawaii Hong Kong Indonesia
Israel Italy Japan South Korea Macau
Malaysia New Zealand Norway Philippines Portugal
Russia Singapore South Africa Spain Sweden
Switzerland Taiwan UK USA Vietnam
What does it cost? Calling Rates:
  • The charge for receiving incoming calls is 3 THB per minute
  • The number can only receive inbound calls
Monthly charges:
  • There is a monthly rental fee of 1000 THB
  • plus calling charges for incoming calls at 3 THB per minute
Setup fee:
  • Onetime set-up fee of 5000 THB + VAT
The Toll Free Number package contains:
  • Your toll free number including call forwarding to the Thai number of your choice
What you need to prepare: For Companies:
  • A copy of your Thai company affidavit (Nagsue Gablong) – not older than 90 days, all pages, stamped and signed by the company director.
  • A copy of the Passport / Thai ID card of the company director with signature on the site.
  • The billing address (if it differs from your company address) (Invoices can only be send to addresses within Thailand) where you would like to receive your invoices to.
For Individuals:
  • A copy of the Passport / Thai ID card with the applicant’s signature on the site.
  • The billing address (Invoices can only be send to addresses within Thailand)
After your place your order we will contact you via email and request the documents needed.
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