Support & Maintenance

Reduce your operation costs with VoIP Thailand’s SMART IT outsourcing

With VoIP Thailand’s SMART IT outsourcing packages, businesses can cut their IT expenses smartly and sustainably.  After signing up, we become part of your “Remote IT Support Team.”  With shared resources, your company can greatly benefit from our highly skilled experts at a fraction of an additional full-time employee’s costs.

SMART IT Support and Maintenance

When purchasing a customized IP Telephony Solution from VoIP Thailand, you automatically benefit from our great value support and maintenance packages compromising system maintenance, backups, disaster recovery, software, firmware upgrades, and proactive IT support.

Active monitoring and proactive troubleshooting

Apart from customer triggered events for adds, moves, and changes, we engage in many other tasks in the background, including active network and Internet line monitoring against hacking attempts and third-party vendor management of your Internet service provider so you can focus on your business.

Best practice advice for maximum efficiency

If we see room for savings and useful improvement due to consolidation or equipment that needs to be replaced, we share our insights to ensure your business can operate as smoothly as possible.

Proactive SMART IT Maintenance

Time-consuming tasks like firmware updates and downtimes for maintenance are scheduled outside of office hours or over weekends to cause minimal disruption of your business. Most tasks are done remotely and don’t require us to visit your office. In the event of bigger scheduled maintenance tasks, we will inform you in advance.

VoIP Thailand’s SMART IT Support

We work closely with an assigned contact person from your company to ensure easy and up to date communication for maximum efficiency.  We are great team players that blend in well with In-house IT Teams and International companies with remote IT Teams overseas. With our remote support packages, we offer high level IT Support at a previously unheard price point.

Join the SMART IT program and start saving

3rd party customers are electable to join our great value Support packages after they passed our Network Audit. If you have not passed our Network Audit yet and need Support, you can contact us for our hourly Network support packages.