Yealink Powersupply

Quick Info:

  • Power supply for Yealink IP Phones

Compatible with:

  • PSU 1: T19,T21,T23, T40, W52
  • PSU 2: T27, T29, T41, T42, EXP40
  • PSU 3: T46, T48, T58
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Yealink Power Supplies

All Yealink IP Phones with PoE (Power over Ethernet) can be powered via a PoE capable Network Switch or with a Power Supply (PSU = Power Supply Unit)

Depending on your Yealink IP Phones, you will have to purchase a suitable power supply.  Below you can find the suitable PSU’s for your respective Yealink IP Phone model.

PSU1:  T19P, T21P, T23P/G, W52P, T40P/G, W56P, W56H, W60P

PSU2: T27P/G, T41P/S, T42G/S, T43U

PSU3: T29G, T46G/S/U, T48G/S/U, T58A/V

If you have any other Yealink IP Phone feel free to contact us via email or phone. We are happy to support and find the correct power supply for your Yealink device.