Communication Solutions for all Industries

At VoIP Thailand we provide Solutions for all kind of Voice communication related projects.

Public Announcing Systems

Wherever you have to address a group of people such as on Airports, Bus Terminals, Supermarkets, Government offices or Embassies for example public announcing Systems often play a crucial role. VoIP Thailand can offer Solutions with or without full integration to modern IP Telephony Systems.

Outdoor (Emergency) phones

VoIP Thailand offers Outdoor Emergency phones for MRT and BTS Stations, Bus Terminals, Airports, Highways just to name a few.  These phones are extremely robust and vandalize proof, often coming with aluminum casts and are designed for Outdoor environments. If required phones can even be explosive proof as required on Oil rigs.

IP Phones for Hospitals and Elderly Homes

Hospitals and Elderly Homes have special needs. If you need a special phone with large keypad, direct dial keys with pictures and an SOS button to allow intuitive communication even in emergency Situations we are the right contact partner.

Access Control Intercoms and door phones

We offer modern Access control Systems with built-in Intercom and video door phone functionally.  An integrated CCTV camera can become a part you’re your CCTV Solution.

Smart Office Integration

In the future our Solutions integrate more and more with Smart Office Solutions that allow lighting and Air-condition control and many more features to come.

Private Mobile Network

Need to cover a factory site or an army base over many square kilometers, maybe a whole Island? Private mobile Network Solutions might be what you are looking for.  Contact us to discuss your needs.

IP Telephony Solutions for Office buildings

You manage an office tower and want to offer IP Telephony Solutions to all your tenants? Contact us for more information.

Have a special request?

If you have a special request related to voice communication and Network Technology feel free to contact us with your needs. We are looking forward finding a custom Solution for your needs.