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 Internet – a Commodity

When moving to a new office location one of the first things you will need is Internet.  For most people nowadays Internet is a commodity just like water and electricity.

Just like electricity is available in batteries or from your wall outlet and water that comes in bottles or out of the tab, Internet is available in many forms as well. Most people just never think about that, but everyone knows someone who decided on the wrong package. Usually you know this when people complain about their Internet provider.

How most people choose their Internet Service Provider

Most people simply don’t have the in-depth knowledge to make an educated decision. The key drivers most ISP’s advertise for consumer Internet can be boiled down into 2 questions in the following order: How fast is the line and how much does it cost?  This is often followed by the signature to ink the deal. Later when consumers try to access their network remotely to connect to their CCTV at home they are often in for a surprise when their ISP tells them that they can’t do that with the package they choose.

Stability first, speed second

Unlike at home in a business environment stability of the Internet connection is core.  As most companies rely on Internet for their operations today the key issue for business customers is the reliability of their Internet connection.  With this in mind you realize that the advertisements of most ISP’s are centered on a consumer market. So here comes the question:

What is the right Internet Service Provider for my business?

As you see this answer is not so easy as it looks first.  If you take a look at various websites of ISP’s in Thailand you will quickly realize that comparing Internet Solutions for businesses is not so straight forward as you might have thought.  ISP’s seem to assume if you have a business you will automatically have your own IT Department that takes care of these decisions.

What is the difference between XDSL, DOCSIS, FTTX and MPLS?

Do I need a private, public or fixed IP? What ISP’s are available at my area? What ISP is best suited for my needs? What information are the Internet Service Providers not telling me? Are all modems, routers the same quality or are some brands better than others? What else should I consider? With more than 20 ISP’s in Thailand these question is not so easy to answer.

Choosing the right ISP for your business

We helped hundreds customers all over Thailand to find the right Internet Service provider for their business. With this broad experience and in depth knowledge of which ISP is offering what service and using what equipment on their back end, what hardware is reliable and what devises turned out to be a lemon we can help you to find the right Solution for your needs.

Receive a clear overview what service is available in your area with VoIP Thailand’s ISP check

With VoIP Thailand’s ISP check you will find out what service is available in your area. We provide you with a clearly structured report and background information on Pros and Cons of multiple ISP’s and their offers. Depending on your business we will give you a clear recommendation with all Pros and Cons. We will also discuss alternative options and explain details ISP’s don’t want you to know. With this report you are in the position to make a well informed decision, saving you a lot of headaches and money down the road.

To proceed just fill out the contact form on the right and we will contact you back to you shorty. You can also order this custom report in our online store here.

Combine two Internet Service providers for load balancing and fail over

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