(Video) Conferencing Solutions       

Depending on your needs there are multiple conferencing Solutions available.  Below you can learn more about possible audio and Video conferencing Solutions.

A conference phone that sits in a meeting room

Purpose: Point to Point or Point to Multi point conversations  for meeting rooms and Webinars

Conference phones are designed for Meeting rooms where multiple people meet in one location and talk with another site (or multiple sites in combination with a virtual Conference Room – see Option 2)

The main purpose of this phone is allowing multiple people in one physical location to participate in a conversation with one or multiple other sites.

This setup is also often used for educational purposes such as webinars

A virtual audio conference room which is often part of modern phone systems

Purpose: Point to Multi point conversations as part of a modern IP PBX

A modern IP PBX offers much more flexibly with integration of mobile phones, superior HD audio quality, virtual conference rooms, Video calling or even Video conferencing.  Calls between all extensions (desktop and mobile phones) are free of charge. Calling rates for international calls can be as much as 70% cheaper compared to traditional landline providers. Caller ID and multi-channel calls are standard, just to name a few.

Multiparty calls

Purpose: Point to Multi point conversations for executives

This feature is built-in to some higher end IP Phones and allows people to initiate multi-party calls from their desk. The only person to be able to initiate multi-party calls is the person sitting in front of the phone. Depending on the phone model phones allow up to 6 parties to talk with each other. Calls can include internal and external extensions.

Point to Point video calls:

Purpose: Point to Point or Point to Multi point video conversations for executives

Video capable IP Phones allow you to make Video calls with other participants that also have video phones. This Solution is very convenient and economical for companies with multiple office locations that require one on one Video conference.  The phones an also participate in video conferences below.

Video Conferencing Solutions for Meeting rooms

Purpose: Point to Point or Point to Multi point video conversations for meeting rooms

Video Conference phones are designed for meeting rooms and boardrooms allowing for point to point or point to multi point conversations.

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