IP Call Center Solutions

Similar to Office IP Telephony Solutions are Call Center IP Telephony Systems. In general call centers can be divided into outbound, Inbound and blended contact centers.

The right Call Center Solution for your needs

Outbound call centers are also referred to as Telesales call centers as they usually serve the purpose of selling goods or services. In a variation these contact centers are also deployed by banks that lend credit and call up customers when they miss to pay a loan for a purchase like a car or a house.

Outbound Call Centers

These call centers are often highly automated with predictive dialing functionality where volume counts. With onscreen databank connection and wall boards that measure performance, integration with a database that pulls up customer track records, contact centers like these are often highly automated. Agents usually rely on headsets connected to their computer or IP Phone.

Inbound Call Centers

Inbound call centers are usually deployed by Telcos, Internet service providers, Airlines and other companies that have deal with a large group of end consumers to support their products or services.  Usually these call centers work in 3 layers with the front line agents being trained to solve frequently ask problems right away. If they cannot provide a Solution they usually contact second level support. These highly skilled workers might be conferenced in with a customer sometimes. It the problem cannot be solved by these workers as well usually they will have someone from the 3rd level support call back within 24 hours or less, or send out a technician to the customer’s location to fix the problem. In these call centers have their special functions as well. Especially often you will have a chance to rate the quality of the agent as a customer after the call by pressing a key on your phone before you hang up.

Blended Call Centers

Blended Call Centers are often deployed by Retail companies such as shopping malls, car dealerships and rental companies and many others that might call their clients to inform them about a promotion but also take calls from customers if they have a problem with your product or service to help and support them.

Depending on the contact center Solution you are looking for there are also multichannel features like chat, mail and sms available.

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