IP Telephony Setup

Finding the right Solution for your Business

After all the details have been cleared and the right IP Telephony Solution for your companies needs has been found we offer a professional installation with minimal downtime for your business.

Installing a new IP Telephony System vs.

When a business moves to a new office location and a phone system has to be installed from scratch there level of integration with CCTV, Door Access control, Wi-Fi and Smart office Solutions can be much higher if planed right from the beginning.  This one time chance can make a huge difference between a good and an excellent Solution where usability and comfort is taken to a complete new level. Contact us in an early stage before moving to your new office to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Replacing and existing phone system

When replacing an existing phone system often many factors have to be considered. What happens with existing analog PSTN or PRI phone lines?  Often these phone numbers have been published and are used for many years and cutting of these phone numbers in not an option. By addressing these factors you will not end up with surprises later on.

A smooth transition with minimal downtime

The first thing when replacing an existing phone system is to gather as much data as available to make the switch to a new phone system as seamlessly as possible. Often this happens over a course of a weekend or in some cases even overnight to cause minimal disruption.

With careful planning and preparation we ensure minimal downtime for your business. We usually prepare a basic setup before switching over the phone system to avoid longer down times than needed.

Adjusting and fine-tuning

Over a course of a week your phone system will be fine turned and adjusted to your exact needs. Once the setup has been finalized we offer a custom user training to ensure that all employs can fully capitalize on advanced features and functions your new phone system has to offer.