Presales Consultation

When looking for a new phone system the first step for most customers is to evaluate what Solutions are available on the market. Let us assist you to dive a bit deeper and understand what technology is hiding behind SIP, IVR, FXO, FXS, BRI, PRI, BLF and many other acronyms of the Industry.

In this meeting we help you to understand what a modern phone system can do and more important how your business can actually benefit from an upgrade to an IP based Telephony System. Not every phone system is designed for everyone. Different needs require different Solutions. For one customer an onsite IP PBX might be the perfect Solution whereas for the next client a Phone System in the Cloud is the way to go.

In this meeting we will ask you questions that help us to understand how your business works. We also help you to see your business from an outsider perspective. With your input and our in depth knowledge of modern IP Phone Systems we can make sure that no important point is forgotten.

After this meeting you will understand what is possible and what Solution is suitable for your business needs. More importantly you will also know what you don’t need. This meeting will not only save you from making a uniformed and potentially costly decision, it will also save you invaluable on time on research, trying to learn and understand things on your own.

A meeting usually lasts around 2 hours so bring some time. To get started just fill out the form in the sidebar and we will come back to you shortly.

Please also fill out this form here and bring it along with the following documents if available

  • A recent internet bill from your ISP
  • Phone bills from existing phone fixed line phone lines (if applicable)
  • A floor plan if available
  • Some pictures of your office