VoIP Thailand - Firewall Solutions

VoIP Thailand’s firewalls are designed for Onsite and Hosted IP PBX Solutions and recommended for usage in conjunction with Grandstream and Yeastar Onsite IP PBX Solutions. In combination with more than 15 extension phones in one office location, we also recommend our firewall with our Hosted IP PBX Solutions. Our Firewall Solutions are also separately available as a “Stand Alone” Solution for business.

VoIP Thailand provides professional Firewall Solutions to secure your IP Phone System from outside attacks. With our managed Firewall Solutions, your companies Network stays protected from outside intruders trying to hack into your network.

Below you can find some of our Firewalls key features

Multiple line bundling allows you to connect various Internet lines to one firewall simultaneously for superfast Internet speeds over multiple Internet lines.

VoIP Thailand’s Firewall Solutions allow you establish secure Internet connections via ADSL/VDSL, Cable and Fiber optic lines from multiple ISP’s simultaneously.

Our Firewalls are designed to be used with Voice over IP Solutions and automatically priors Voice over Data traffic to ensure the best possible voice quality.

The build-in VPN server supports encrypted high secure SSL TSL VPN connections to make secure internet calls between multiple office sites as well as to remote extension IP Phones.

Failover allows very high availability of your Internet connection. Even if one Internet connection goes down your company will always remain online through the remaining Internet connections.

Most ISP’s offer pretty good entry level Internet connections at cheap prices. Combine multiple entry level lines and obtain higher data transfer rates at discounted prices, without paying the premium for faster lines.

A dynamic DNS allows remote connections to your Firwall without the need of a Fixed IP Address.

Our business grade Firewall allows directing Guests securely to your Companie’s Guest Login Page.

Sophisticated logging allows you to see exactly what is going on in your companies Network. (Pro Edition)

VoIP Thailand’s Firewall Solutions allow you to block harmful and unwanted websites allowing you to prevent problems before they arise.

The firewall is capable of real time package analysis and package logging to further secure your companies Network infrastucture.

Conveniently connect your Wi-Fi access points to VoIP Thailand’s managed Firewall and let the device manage your wireless traffic.


The initial setup fee is 4950 THB + VAT. Our competent IT Team will setup and install the firewall at your office (Bangkok Area) (Other Areas in Thailand + Travelling fees) The initial setup usually takes 1x working day. (We can arrange the Setup on a Saturday or Sunday to keep your office downtime at a minimum.

You will invoice a monthly fee of 1950 Baht + VAT (Standard Edition) 2450 THB + VAT (Pro Edition) per month for the Management of the firewall. The contract can be canceled to the end of each month. (1 month notice) If you want you can pay for 1 year in advance. Than you would pay 19.950 THB + VAT (Standard Edition) 24.500 THB (Pro Edition) per year. (2 month free).

The Firewall remains VoIP Thailand’s property and has to be returned after you cancel the contract with us. If the firewall has any defects we will replace it within 1 working day. If you need more information just contact us any time.