Network Audit

Is your Network is ready for VoIP?

When planning to upgrade and deploy a modern IP Telephony System on your existing office network infrastructure you want to make sure that the underlying network supports your venture into VoIP.  Until today the Number One reason for failed VoIP Implementations is that the underlying Network is not ready to accommodate a modern IP based telephony system.

With our Network Audit we can help you to avoid common pitfalls to make sure that upgrading to VoIP will become a success story and not turn into a nightmare.

Most IT networks have grown organically

Most IT Networks have developed organically with their company’s growth.  New devices and technologies have been added to the network when they became available. Over the time these organic developments lead to more and more inconsistencies with the result that the IT Infrastructure is becoming harder to manage and troubleshoot.

Take out complexity – upgrade where necessary

For most companies nowadays consolidation of existing network infrastructure to make it ready for Data, Voice and Video is the direction to go. As so often in life key is not the more the better, but to step back, analyze, consolidate and upgrade where necessary to gain back control.

What we do

We take a closer look into every aspect on your network, point out issues and give clear advice on how to fix these. Our audit is helping you to clean up your network, reduce complexity and make your network infrastructure manageable again.

Receive a clear report

After our Audit you will receive well prepared report showing the state of your network clearly color marked in green, yellow and red. We give you clear guidance on what needs to be done, what is recommended and what is nice to have before deploying a successful IP Telephony Solution.

Get in touch

To proceed simply fill out the form on the site. We charge a onetime fee of 5000 THB plus traveling expenses.