Company Profile

Our Story

With the arrival of unmetered (high) speed broadband Internet and deregulation of the telecom market in 2006, C.F. Tec was founded to offer advanced business-class Telecommunication Solutions for the businesses customers from all over Thailand.

In 2010 the company was renamed to its current name VoIP Thailand to enhance and strengthen its image and dedication in the Voice over IP market.

With our agile,  customer-centric approach, we have been growing steadily in an ever-increasing globalized market. Today we are serving hundreds of customers from all over Thailand, South East Asia, and beyond.

Our Vision

With constantly changing work environments and fast-evolving technology, we are proud to play our part in this continually evolving environment that always challenges us to think out of the box.

AI-enhanced business communication will change and shape the way we will communicate in the near future, blending and redefining real-time interactions between machines and humans.

We are excited to guide you in this fast-changing business environment where change is the norm and play our part to shape the future of business communication for companies like yours.

Our Team 

Our agile technology-driven team is always excited to push boundaries to the next level and stay at the forefront of technology. We see obstacles as challenges that are there to be conquered, and our team is striving to lead by innovation.

With our curious and vendor-independent approach, we are always well informed about the latest developments in the industry. As a customer, you benefit from our in-depth industry knowledge.

We take our approach as a “Solution Provider” seriously and listen to your needs and requirements. Take a look at our partner program, and maybe we have the pleasure to team-up with your business in the future as-well.


Learn more about VoIP Thailand and it’s key developments since 2006


VoIP Thailand was founded on the 27.04.2006 as C.F. Tec Co., Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand by Claas Feye. Our first VoIP product line was the FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN IP PBX series from AVM in Germany.

2006 – 2008

The first years we spend a lot of time educating customers about the advantages of  Voice over IP over traditional PABX Systems. Our key clients at that time were small businesses and agile start-ups.


From 2009 on VoIP started to become more accepted mainly due to the rising popularity of Skype. We were first company in Thailand to offer Thai DID numbers in co-operation the government Telco’s.

2010 – 2011

were the years where VoIP started to become mainstream in Thailand and C.F.Tec was rebranded into VoIP Thailand to emphasize on our core strength as a specialized IP Telephony Solution provider.


In 2012 VoIP Thailand became the first company in Thailand to offer Hosted IP PBX Solutions for customers on the local market setting yet another milestone and constantly pushing boundaries.

2013 – 2014

In 2013 we started to develop Firewall Solutions with built-in site2site VPN and onsite Network design and implementation to ensure a maximum of reliably and to retain highest customer satisfaction.


In 2015 we finally started to offer fully managed onsite and hosted IP Telephony Solutions all over Thailand, complete Network Design and implementation as well as Network Security Solutions.


marked the year when we started to partner with interior designers such as ReGroup in order to deliver high end IT Network and Telephony Solutions for local and international customers.


Today we are able to offer highly competitive and customized Smart Office, IP Call Center and Hotel Telephony Solutions with CRM and PMS Integration, based on a Unified Smart IP Network Infrastructure.


2018 finally sees an overhaul of our website to reflect our company better. Furthermore we are taking leaps and bounce forward to the next milestone, becoming an Internet Telephony Service Provider.