IP Telephony Solutions for Hotels and Resorts

Many Hotels & Resorts still leave a big potential unused when newly deploying legacy phone systems. Analog phones systems are not only outdated, moreover they are not even scalable.

What are the key advantages of an IP Telephony Systems for Hotels and Resorts?

No double wiring

When constructing or outfitting a new building you won’t need to run double wiring for analog phones and Wi-Fi access points. The network will become simplified and easier to troubleshoot saving time and costs.

More functionality

As modern IP Telephony systems are software based these Solutions are much more flexible compared to legacy analog phone systems that relay on Hardware with expansion cards with limited upgrade possibilities.

Easy scalable – even over multiple sites

Our IP PBX Solutions are easily scalable to your needs. You only pay for what you need. Our phone systems are ready to expand with your operations. When expanding operations you just add additional phones in newly opened guest rooms. With VoIP Thailand’s Hotel IP PBX Systems you can even manage multiple Hotels from a remote location if needed.

Consolidate your back office operations

Jobs can be centralized or even outsourced into a back office for example. This allows for more effective human resource management.  Purchasing or wakeup calls can be centralized easily for multiple Hotels.

High integration with Hotel PMS Solutions

Our Solutions seamlessly integrate with all major Hotel PMS Solutions like Opera, Micros-Fidelio, Protel and many others.

Lower costs than analog phone systems

Last but not least IP based phone systems are cheaper than legacy analog phone systems. Combined with the high flexibility and scalability our Solutions supersede outdated legacy phone systems. Contact us to learn more.