IP Telephony Solutions for your Business

Finding the right Telephone System for your office in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand

As of today there are hundreds of Telephony Solutions available for the business segment. With  every company trying to promote their Solution it’s not easy to find the right Solution. With a pool of ever increasing functionality and an always increasing level of integrity it’s hard for an outsider to be able even make an half way educated decision on the right Solution for your business. This can be especially daunting for companies that need to maintain existing infrastructure like phone numbers that have been with the company for years.

To make it even more complicated on the market there are analog, hybrid, digital and VoIP Solutions available. These can be further separated into onsite or hosted phone systems which can be open or closed systems. Some of these systems are still based on a modular hardware infrastructure that require you to purchase additional  modules to add functionality whereas other software based Solutions might have many of these features already built-in without the need to spend any additional money. Often these systems even offer free updates adding more functions and features free of charge. Without understanding the basics and its differences you can easily end up spending money for an outdated phone system with limited functionality.

When looking for a new phone system for your company you have a huge choice from multiple vendors and multiple Solutions nowadays. Onsite or Hosted?  Integration with mobile phones, door access, CCTV and Smart Office Solutions? Make and receive calls via E1, analog, mobile or SIP trunks? Interconnect multiple office sites on a local, regional or International scale?  VoIP Thailand is ready to help.  Because each customers has specific needs and with a multitude of Solutions out there it’s not possible to offer the right Solution for your needs without understanding more about your business first.

Replacing an analog phone system or starting fresh with a new office

The first question you should be asked: Do you want to replace an existing phone system, or are setting up a new office and don’t need to keep any existing phone number. This question can be very essential, especially if you need to maintain existing phone numbers that have been published for a long time.

Onsite or Hosted?

Making a decision for an onsite or hosted IP PBX in the cloud is not as clear cut as many Hosted IP PBX Solution providers try to tell you. Both Solutions have their advantages and their disadvantages. Opting for one or another Solution depends on many factors. Whereas a Hosted IP PBX might be the right Solution for one company an Onsite IP PBX might be the way to go for another business. At VoIP Thailand we don’t have the One Solution that fits all needs simply because it does not exist. As customer centric organization and VoIP Solution Provider our key goal is to help customers finding the best Solution for our clients needs.

Unified Communications

Seamless integration with mobile phones via 4G, Video calling, Chat clients and CRM integration have been buzz words for some time now and are finally happening in the real world.

Moving to the next step – Smart Office Solutions

Currently IP Phone Systems are also becoming able to integrate seamlessly with Video Telephony, Teleconferencing, CCTV and Door Access Control. The IoT trend or Internet of things trend is moving fast forward.

A future with Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence will also leave it’s foot print, too. Chat Bots start to leave their footprints in call centers. Stay tuned.

A trusted partner for your business

With more than 20 years’ experience in IT networking and being a pioneer in the IP Telephony world our team at VoIP Thailand keeps learning every day to keep up with technology. With technology becoming more intuitive and more complex at the same time it is hard to keep up with all the changes on the market. If you are looking for a competent partner that is capable to help you to help you finding the right Solution for your needs you might want to get in touch with us and arrange a free meeting.