VoIP Thailand offers the Perfect Solution for your Home Network. Our all in One Solution makes is easy to switch to IP Telephony conveniently and integrate your mobile devices seamlessly into your Home Network.

Merge your data and phone network to bring down your business operation costs. Modern IP Telephony Systemsare not only cheaper than legacy PABX Solutions moreover they are offering much higher convenience.

Need a Contact Center Solution? Do you offer Support for clients or need a Call Center for Marketing and Sales purposes? With VoIP Thailand as your partner we ensure that you will get the right Solution for your needs.

Hotels & Resorts still leave a big potential unused when newly deploying Legacy phone systems. Analogue Phones Systems are not only outdated, moreover they are not even scalable. Learn more about our Solutions.

Ever wanted to be able to see the person standing in front of the door on your phone display? Looking for Solutions that allows you to make public announces over your phone? We have ideal solutions for your needs.

If you have multiple offices and you need to meet with colleges frequently when working on projects, our Video Conferencing Solutions help you to save time & money while being the next best thing after meetings in person.


Just need a VoIP Gateway, an IP Phone or any other VoIP Product conveniently order online on our website. Pay via bank transfer or PayPal and your order will be on your way!


Free Presales Consultation

You are looking for a new phone system and want to gather more information. We help you to analyze you needs and while you learn what is possible – contact us for a free consolation at our office and the coffee is on us!

Network Audit

Network infrastructure issues are the Number One reason for problems with VoIP. After our audit you will have a clear idea what needs to be done to get your Network ready for a smooth Voice over IP experience.

ISP Availability Check

Find out what ISP’s are available in your area and what packages are most suitable for your needs. In our report you will we list pros and cons of each Internet Service Provider allowing you to make an educated choice.

Project Management

Need help with planning and rolling out IT Infrastructure for your company? We have more than 10 years’ experience in planning, managing and executing projects from small office setups to entire Hotels and Resorts.

Structured Network Cabling

More then 90% of your IT related problems are caused by poor Network planning and implementation. Network issues are the Number One reason for IP Telephony related problems. Make sure that you get the basics right.

IP Telephony Setup

After competition of the Network Infrastructure your IP Phone System is ready for installation. We toughly prepare your new phone system setup to ensure minimal down times for a flawless experience when going live.

Network Security & Monitoring

Our Firewall Solutions do not only protect your companies IT Network, moreover we ensure maximum stability with load balancing and failover between multiple internet lines.

Support & Maintenance

Our great value Service contracts allow you cut costs as you don’t need to hire your own IT Support. Stop worrying about staff rotation while getting highly specialized people to support your business.

Voice-over Services

Leave a professional first impression with your clients and customers while guiding them to the right contact person in your company. Your virtual receptionist is your virtual employee working even on company holidays.