Bangkok DID Number (SIP)

Quick Info:

  • Supports up to 2x concurrent calls
  • Two channels | non-expandable
  • only 100 THB per channel / month

Compatible with:

  • SIP based IP PBX’es and IP Phones

Designed for:

  • Office usage
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Bangkok DID Number – Dual Channel SIP Trunk

Gain more trust from visitors when publishing a 02-BKK-Number on your website and business card. Receive more inquiries from your companies’ website when posting a 02-Bkk-Number in a prominent easy to find location. Instantly gain a better reputation as fixed line numbers are associated with a real “brick and mortar” business as opposed to mobile phone numbers that are considered to be “personal” by most people.

Digital and analog line phone numbers. What’s the difference?

Opposed to the fixed-line network where phone numbers are attached to physical cables that come into your office or home, DID or Direct Inward Dial numbers are digital lines that can be attached to your IP PBX or IP Phone and are connected via the Internet. When moving to a new office or home, simply plug your IP Phones to the Internet at the new location again, and callers can reach you instantly at your existing DID numbers.

What are the key advantages of our Bangkok DID Numbers?

  • Keep your phone numbers when moving without losing existing customers.
  • One DID Number can handle multiple calls at the same time. No more “busy” phone lines!
  • Don’t pay installation and connection charges at the office building for new phone line installations (Office buildings charge up to 5000 THB per phone line as connection charge)
  • The Caller ID allows you to see who is calling and greet your customers by name.
  • If you missed a call, you can call potential clients back and increase your business turnover by up to 20%
  • DID Numbers can register on any Internet connection (ADSL, VDSL, DOCSIS, FTTX)
  • Crystal clear voice quality
  • Cheap calling rates
  • Make your business look professional with a 02-XXX-XXX DID Number instead of a mobile number.
  • Automatic forwarding of all incoming calls to your mobile phone available (an additional one-time service charge of 1000 THB + VAT applies)
  • Automatically distribute incoming calls to the right contact person in your team in combination with VoIP Thailand’s Hosted IVR.

Technical Details for the Bangkok DID Numbers

  • Numbers are fully interconnected and reachable from any provider within Thailand and overseas.
  • Fully SIP compatible
  • Call Hunting: Receive two calls on the Number at the same time.
  • Caller ID (see who is calling/show your Number to the other party when making a call)
  • Supported VoIP codecs: G.711 a-law, G7.29
  • The DID Numbers support Fax2Email via G.711 codec (works with FRITZ!Box and Grandstream IP PBX)

What does it cost?

Calling Rates:

  • Calling to mobile phones and landlines anywhere in Thailand is charged 0.75 Baht per minute.
  • No charge for incoming calls

Monthly charges:

  • There is a monthly rental fee of 100 THB per channel.
  • The Number comes with two channels = 200 THB + VAT monthly rental fee.
  • The rental fee includes 200 Baht on call-out credit
  • Additional minutes are charged according to the calling rates stated above.

Activation fee:

  • One-time activation fee of 1000 THB + VAT per for a phone number, including two channels.
  • If you don’t want to use your IP Telephony device to register the Number and want all incoming calls to be
    forwarded to your mobile phone directly we can offer this service for an additional one-time charge of 1000 THB + VAT

The Bangkok DID Number package contains:

  • Your two-channel Bangkok DID Phone Number
  • Registration Settings for ONE SIP device

What you need to prepare:

For Companies:

  • A copy of your Thai company affidavit (หนังสือรับรอง) – not older than 90 days, all pages, stamped and signed by the company director.
  • A copy of the passport and valid work permit or Thai ID card of the company director with signature on the site.
  • The billing address (if it differs from your company address) (Invoices can only be sent to addresses within Thailand) where you would like to receive your invoices to.

For Individuals:

  • A copy of the Passport / Thai ID card with the applicant’s signature on the site.
  • The billing address (Invoices can only be sent to addresses within Thailand)
  • Copy of a valid work permit for non-Thai passport holders

After your place your order, we will contact you via email and request the documents needed.

Please note: If you want to have running numbers, please consider that you have to apply for them at the same time [example 02-xxx-xxx1, 02-xxx-xxx2, 02-xxx-xxx3] The application for a new Bangkok Numbers usually takes two business days. To order a Bangkok DID Phone Numbers or to receive more information, please contact us.

What is the difference between Thailand and Bangkok DID Numbers? Thailand DID Numbers can only be registered by Thai companies, whereas Bangkok DIDs’ can be supplied to Individuals as well. Bangkok DID Numbers come with two channels with no option to add additional channels. If you don’t have a registered company in Thailand or want to register a Bangkok phone number for personal use, please take a look at our 2x channel Bangkok DID Numbers.


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