Xenexx PC Soundcard Cord

Quick Info:

  • 2x 3.5mm connection cord (3 pole)
  • coiled cable; cable length 2m
  • Plantronics or Jabra QD plug

Compatible with:

  • corded Jabra, Plantronics & Xenexx Headsets

Designed for:

  • PC’s with integrated Soundcard


  • USB cord with Volume keys & mute button
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Soundcard connection cord for Windows PC

The Soundcard connection cord is designed for Windows computers with Integrated Soundcard. The cord allows you to connect your Headset with Jabra or Plantronics QD (Quick Disconnect) to any Windows computer with integrated Soundcard.

Take advantage of the fact that many desktop computers already come with an integrated Soundcard. The Xenexx PC Soundcard cord allows you to set up a Contact Center with Softphones in a fast and economical way.

This Xenexx connection cord is fully compatible with any PC Soundcard and allows you to connect a professional Contact Center Headset via Jabra or Plantronics Quick Disconnect (QD). The bottom cord comes with a 1.8 m long cable that connects to your computer’s audio system using two 3.5mm cords.

Compatible with:

  • Windows Soundcard



Quick Disconnect

Designed for

Cable Design

Cable Length


Volume Control

Mute Control

MS Teams

Compatible with

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