Network Security & Monitoring

Avoid stepping into known pitfalls

At VoIP Thailand we have a customer centered approach helping them to find the right Solution for their needs. With hundreds of projects under our belt we know the problems many customers are facing and help them to avoid stepping into the same pitfalls.

Why is Network Security so Important?

Without or limited security of your Network you run a high risk that you phone system will get hacked. These attacks can get very expensive very quickly. The hacking attacks are usually automated. A first sign is often extension phones ringing without any reason. Once the system has been hacked often the attacker tries to make outbound calls to a premium phone number somewhere overseas that charges per call.

A typical Hack pattern

After your phone system has been hacked a call is initiated to a premium phone number overseas with a  call charge of for example 10 USD per call. The number will be dialed from an internal extension of your phone system, the call gets established and the caller hangs up. Then he calls this number over and over again. This can happen a few thousand times over hours or days without anyone noticing.  Often the Hacker is the owner of this very premium phone number that has been called a few hundred times.  With this number being in Nigeria or Sudan for example there is no way to ever get this case to justice.

Stay protected with VoIP Thailand’s Firewall Solutions

At VoIP Thailand we take the security of our customers very serious. With a mix of proactive network monitoring and enterprise grade Firewall Solutions we ensure the safety of your phone system and network.  Contact us to learn more.