Structured Network Cabling

Why it this so important to get structured Network cabling right?

More than 90% of your Network related problems are caused by poor Network planning and execution. With poor structured Network cabling the being the No ONE reason for IP Telephony related problems make sure that you get the basics right and avoid lengthy troubleshooting later on.

Find and solve Network problems easy

A well planned and structured and implemented network with clear labeling can easy save days of work to locate issues. With the heavy reliance on IT for most companies down times cause a medium disaster as work cannot be done, costing the company time and money and a potentially bad reputation from customers on top.

Plan smart with the future in mind

When planning a new structured Network for your business it’s cheap and easy to add additional cables while the new office is still under construction and not in operation yet. It’s not only being expensive later to add new cables, often it might be outright impossible. We will ask you questions many customers forget to think about. Our team will help you to ensure that you don’t forget some important tasks.

What is the right Infrastructure for your needs?

When planning your Network there are many things to consider and anticipate. You should ask yourself the following questions.  How long are you planning to stay in the new location? How fast will the Internet connection be in 2-3 years? What is the size of your office location? Does your company occupy multiple floors? Do you need to inter connect multiple buildings?

Make sure that you get the basics right.

What is the difference between UTP, FTP, LZSE? What do the terms CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7 mean? What speed should my network be able to handle? 100Mbit/s, 1GB, 10GB? What is the right choice for your office Infrastructure needs: Copper or Fiber optic? Do you need Power over Ethernet?

We offer the following services:

  • Network Consultation and Planning
  • Network Implementation
  • Network Testing
  • Network Labeling
  • Network Certification
  • ISP Vendor Management