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Partnership Programs

At VoIP Thailand we currently have four Partnership programs. Depending on your preferences you can choose between programs.  Learn more in the overview below.  Contact us for more details today by simply filling out the contact form and make VoIP Thailand your preferred outsourced partner for IP Telephony and Network solutions.


Beginner:  Complete outsourcing  

Referral Program: We act as VoIP Thailand and completely manage your customer’s project. There is no further involvement from your site needed. Once we receive payment from your customer will transfer a percentage of the total project value to you.

  • We work as an independent subcontractor and the project is managed by VoIP Thailand
  • We give full technical advice and manage the customer.
  • We take full responsibility of the project management all tasks related to us
  • We invoice your customer and transfer a referral fee back to you


Advanced: Partial outsourcing | subcontracting 

Subcontracting options: We appear as a subcontractor and projects will be managed in your Name and supplied and executed by VoIP Thailand. We join meetings on your request and help you to advise your customer on this project.

  • We work as your subcontractor but our part will be managed by VoIP Thailand
  • We give technical advice to you and can join meetings with your customer if requested.
  • We support you with project management all tasks related to us
  • You | We invoice the customer for our Project tasks


Expert: Fully subcontracting

You manage the customer: Our White Label Program leaves you with the customer, manage the sale etc. We are happy to come along to see your customer as technical advisers only. Our identity is not revealed and all customer requests will be handled from your site. You take the responsibility for the project management and manage the customer. We offer technical second and third level support only.

  • We work as your white label subcontractor and the project is managed by you
  • We don’t join any meetings with your customer, we only offer technical advice
  • We don’t get involved with any project management tasks
  • You invoice the customer for the project


Reseller: Purchase Hardware and Software licenses

You are an experienced IT Systems integrator and just want to purchase products or software licenses. Register as a partner with us and purchase products are very favorable rates online. Fill out the contact form on the site and we contact you back shortly.

  • We offer product support and warranty
  • We offer purchase guidance and technical advice
  • We don’t offer any technical support for setup and installation


Hire:  Remote Hands | Smart Hands services from VoIP Thailand

VoIP Thailand offers remote hands and smart hands services which can run entire IT tasks especially when in-house IT teams are overstretched or lack certain skill sets.  If your company wants to deploy a new phone System or Network Infrastructure in Thailand VoIP Thailand is ready to help.  We can import Hardware or source Network devices such as Servers, Switches, IP Phones etc locally.  Your company wants to deploy new IT infrastructure in it’s Thailand location but your IT Support is centralized in Europe, the US or Australia.  It’s expensive and not very cost effective to send someone over to Thailand to do a qualified IT Job here in Asia.  If your business in in a Situation likes this feel free to contact us with your needs.

We offer:

  • Remote Hands support
  • Smart Hands support
  • Hardware and Software acquisition
  • Smart Remote Support
  • Onsite Support in the right time zone
  • In the following languages: English / German / Thai