Xenexx S22 Handset / Headset Switch

Quick Info:

  • Connects to any Telephone via RJ9 cable
  • mute key
  • Integrated volume slider
  • 8 position switch allows connecting with any headset
  • 3.5mm port for Audio recording

Compatible with:

  • Any RJ9 Headset

Designed for:

  • Telephones without Headset port
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Xenexx Handset / Headset Switch with Audio Recording

Switch conveniently between your headset and your handset with this easy-to-use toggle switch. The switch features volume control and a mute button, allowing you to mute a conversation easily when you need to talk confidentially with a co-worker during a call with a customer. An additional 3.5mm connection on the switch allows you to record conversations easily. All cables are included in the package.

The switch is flexible and easy to configure: connect to any IP or analog phone, using any headset and lower cord, and just move the configuration slider on the switch until you hear a dial tone.