Port your TOT numbers to SIP

Quick Info:

  • Port your analog number from TOT
  • Supports 1 concurrent call
  • One channel | non-expandable
  • only 150 THB per month
  • Free calls to TOT landline numbers
  • Caller ID supported

Compatible with:

  • Onsite IP PBX
  • IP Phones

Designed for:

  • Office usage
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Keep your existing landline phone numbers from TOT

Keep your existing analog phone landline numbers from TOT when moving to a modern onsite or cloud IP PBX from VoIP Thailand. No need to change your advertising and marketing materials! After porting your analog phone numbers to a digital SIP trunk, your key advantages are:

  • Keep your phone numbers without losing customers when moving to a modern cloud-based IP Telephony System from VoIP Thailand.
  • Make one concurrent call per phone number.
  • After porting your number to a digital line, comfort features include an attached caller ID, so you can see who is calling.
  • Cheaper calling rates when compared to analog landline phone service from TOT.
  • Crystal clear digital audio quality

Technical Details for the TOT SIP Numbers

  • Phone Numbers from TOT are fully interconnected and reachable from any provider within Thailand and overseas.
  • SIP compatible
  • Caller ID (see who is calling/show your Number to the other party when making a call)
  • Supported VoIP codecs: G.711 a-law, G.729
  • The DID Numbers support Fax2Email via G.711 codec.

What does it cost?

Calling Rates:

  • Calling landline phone numbers from TOT anywhere in Thailand is free of charge.
  • Calling phone numbers on third party networks ( AIS, TRUE, DTAC, 3BB, etc. is charged at 1.25 THB per minute
  • No charge for incoming calls

Monthly charges:

  • There is a monthly rental fee of 150 THB + VAT ( including 1 channel ) not expandable.
  • Additional minutes are charged according to the calling rates stated above.

Porting charges:

  • One-time porting charges from analog to SIP trunks are 2000 THB + VAT per phone number.

What you need to prepare:

For Companies:

  • A copy of your Thai company affidavit (หนังสือรับรอง) – not older than 90 days, all pages, stamped and signed by the company director.
  • A copy of your Thai ID card or passport and valid work permit of the company director with signature on the site.
  • TOT fiberoptic Internet line with one fixed IP address

Please note the following restrictions:

  • You will have to keep your Internet line with TOT. If you cancel your fiberoptic Internet line from TOT, you will lose your digital phone numbers from TOT.
  • When moving, you can only keep your existing TOT number when moving within the same district. When moving to another district, you will lose your TOT phone numbers.
  • If you move to another district, you will lose your phone numbers as the first 3 digits show your area code. Region for example (02 Bangkok) – area code (318 – Bangrak) – Your phone number (1234)
  • The porting process usually takes up to 10 days for existing phone numbers from TOT. Contact us for more information.