Thailand E1 (Peer SIP Trunk)

Quick Info:

  • 30 concurrent calls
  • 30 or 100 phone numbers
  • SIP Peer trunk (requires fixed IP)
  • only 100 THB per channel/month
  • available for all over Thailand

Compatible with:

  • most IP PBX’s

Designed for:

  • Office usage
  • Call Center usage

Recommended Gateways:

  • not required
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Thailand SIP Peer  Trunk Virtual E1 Line

With VoIP Thailand, you can get SIP Peer Trunks from all over Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Phuket, etc.)! One SIP Peer Trunk supports up to 30 simultaneous calls. Choose your Virtual E1 line with 30 or 100 attached phone numbers.

SIP Peer Trunks require a fixed IP Address and are compatible with most phone systems. If you decide to go with a hosted IP PBX from VoIP Thailand, you will automatically receive your own dedicated fixed IP Address with our Cloud PBX Setup.

Typical applications for SIP Peer Trunks are:

  • Offices with more than 25 extensions
  • Call Centers

Thailand E1 SIP Peer Trunk vs. Thailand E1 PRI-ISDN Trunk. What’s the difference?

VoIP Thailand’s E1 SIP Peer Trunks register via the Internet to your IP PBX in the Cloud or On-Premise. You require a fixed IP Address to register the phone line in your PBX. No physical installation or wiring is needed.

VoIP Thailand’s E1 PRI-ISDN lines require a physical installation at your office location. For this reason, you have to pay additional installation charges for these lines. E1 PRI lines need a physical E1 voice gateway that allows connectivity to your PBX. The Audio signal is transported via a separate phone line, and your phone system will also work if you don’t have any Internet connectivity.

When moving to a new office location, the line can not easily be moved but requires complete new wiring. If you move to another district, you might also lose your current phone numbers.

Technical Details for Thailand SIP Peer Trunks

  • Numbers are fully interconnected and reachable from any provider within Thailand and overseas.
  • Call Hunting: Receive up to 30 calls on the number at the same time.
  • Caller ID (see who is calling/show your number to the other party when making a call)
  • Supported VoIP codecs: G.711 a-law, G.729

What does it cost?                                                                

Calling Rates:

  • Calling to landline numbers in the same province is charged 3 Baht per call.
  • Calling to landline numbers in other regions, the charge is 1 Baht per minute.
  • Calling mobile phones anywhere in Thailand, the cost is 1 Baht per minute.
  • No charge for incoming calls

Monthly charges:

Numbers included

30 numbers

100 numbers

Channels included

30 channels (concurrent calls)

30 channels (simultaneous calls)

Monthly subscription fee

3.000 THB

7.500 THB

Activation fee:

  • One-time activation fee of 10.000 THB + VAT per for one SIP Trunk including 30 or 100 numbers.

Your SIP Peer Trunk setup package contains:

  • Registration settings for your SIP Peer Trunk and phone numbers

What you need to prepare:

  • A copy of your Thai company affidavit (หนังสือรับรอง) – not older than 90 days, all pages, stamped and signed by the company director.
  • A copy of the Passport / Thai ID card of the company director with a signature on the site.
  • The billing address (if it differs from your company address)(Invoices can only be sent to addresses within Thailand) where you would like to receive your invoice.
  • Let us know your fixed IP Address and we will point the SIP Trunk accordingly

Service specification

Service delivered via

Application use


Caller ID

Phone numbers attachable

Concurrent calls

Codecs supported


Available Area Codes

Rates within the same area

to fixed line per minute

to mobile per minute

monthly fee per channel


Application / Installation charge

Can be applied for by

Compatible with

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