Cloud Hosted vs Onsite IP-PBX Solutions

Key advantages:

  • Multiple offices can share a single IP PBX and make free calls between all extensions.
  • If one office location experiences an Internet outage other locations are not affected.
  • Very easy to add remote extension phones in other office locations
  • Convenient Smartphone integration
  • CRM / PMS integration via API’s


  • All calls between extensions in the same office will be routed via Internet even within the same office
  • Connecting legacy analog PSTN or PRI lines requires a Gateway device

Recommend for:

  • Companies with multiple office locations
  • Companies moving to a new office locations

On Premises IP PBX

Key advantages:

  • Calls within the office will be routed over the local area network
  • In case of an internet outage the phone system will be fully functional for:
  • All internal calls which are routed within the local area network
  • all calls that are routed via PRI (E1) or analog PSTN phone lines
  • The phone system can fully functional without Internet and legacy phone lines
  • CRM / PMS integration via API’s


  • Companies with multiple office locations need a phone system in each location

Recommended for:

  • Companies that rely on legacy PRI (E1) phone lines
  • Larger offices that make many internal calls within their office
  • Offices that have poor Internet connectivity and use legacy PSTN lines
  • Hospitals, Police, Military, Government and companies that have a high volume of internal calls with a single location.

What is the right Solution for me?

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Legacy analog vs. onsite IP PBX

  • Higher flexibly with easy integration for CCTV, Door access etc.
  • Full integration of Smartphone remote extensions
  • Securely interconnect multiple office locations via VPN and integrate them into a single phone system
  • Connect remote extension phones anywhere worldwide securely via VPN
  • All calls between extensions phones anywhere worldwide are free of charge and in HD Audio
  • FAX to email integration
  • Free software updates for your onsite IP PBX
  • International calls can be routed via internet to reduce phone costs