Atcom EX41 Expansion module

Quick Info:

  • 16 lines / 1 page
  • up to 5 modules
  • up to 80 lines
  • 3 color LED’s
  • paper display

Compatible with:

  • Atcom W41/A41W
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The Expansion module converts the assorted Atcom IP Phones into the ideal phone for Receptionists/Secretaries as well as busy Managers that need to manage a large volume of calls on a regular basis. Up to 5 x EXP 20 Extension Modules can be connected to each phone offering up to 80 additional keys.

The Atcom Expansion Module is designed for the following Atcom IP Phones:

  • Atcom A41 series

The Expansion module has 16 buttons with tri-color LEDs. Each button can be programmed as follows:

  • Speed Dial: Just press the button to dial the Extension or phone number of some else
  • Intercom: Press the button to make an announcement over the phone without the collie needing to pick up the phone.
  • Line: Allows you to add additional lines to your IP Phone
  • BLF: Busy Lamp Field. Green/Red/Orange color LEDs build into any button show If another extension is currently available or busy.
  • Transfer: Simply press the key to transfer a concurrent call to another extension or phone.
  • Hold: Allows you to place a call on Hold
  • Call Forward: If someone is not in the office incoming calls can be can be automatically forwarded to a mobile phone or other extension.
  • Do Not Disturb: Press the button if you don’t want to receive phone calls during a meeting for example.
  • Call Return: Press this key if you would like to return the call of the last caller.
  • Conference: Allows you to have call a 3rd party and let them participate in the conversation.
  • Directed Pick up:  Allows you to pick up a call for another extension phone in your office.
  • Voice Mail: Easily access the voicemail by simply pressing a button.
  • Park: transfer a call to a specific extension and put the call on Hold

The tri-color LED’s even allowed to have multiple functions on every key. If program a key as speed dial for an internal extension you can program the same key as Busy Lamp field in the same time. If the LED on this key turns from Green to Red it means that this extension is currently in a call. So if someone calls in and wants to be transferred to an Extension that shows up as busy you can transfer the caller to another person instead or ask them to call back later. For more information please refer to the technical Datasheet here.



Display Size


Key Color Status

Green / Red / Yellow

Line Status Keys

16 Keys

Lines per Module

16 Lines / 1 Page

Max Lines

90 Lines

Daisy-chainable Modules

5 Modules

Powered via

Host Phone

Compatible with

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