Fanvil Power Supply

Quick Info:

  • Power supply for Fanvil IP Phones

Compatible with:

  • 5V / 0.6A:  X1SP, X2C, X2P, X2CP, X3SP, X3U
  • 5V / 1A: X3G, H3, H5
  • 5V / 2A: X4U, X5U, X7, X210
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Fanvil PSU’s


PoE ( Power over Ethernet ) capable IP Phones from Fanvil ship without a  Power Supply Unit (PSU). IP Phones can be connected to a PoE capable Network Switch and draw their power directly from the switch through the network cable. There is no requirement of an additional Power Supply in this scenario.


If you don’t have a PoE capable Network Switch installed, you can purchase a Power Supply Unit ( PSU) for your Fanvil phone here.

PSU = Power Supply Unit ( The power is supplied by the Powersupply)
PoE = Power over Ethernet ( The power is supplied by the PoE capable  Network Switch though the Network cable)

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