Snom D7C Expansion Module

Quick Info:

  • High-resolution display with backlight
  • 18 configurable self-labeling LED keys
  • Daisy chain up to 3 modules
  • One module can be supplied via a USB port
  • Configuration via host phone

Compatible with:

  •  D717, D735, D785 Snom IP Phones
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Snom D7 Color Expansion Module

The Snom D7C is the most modern expansion module for the D785, D765, D735, and D717 telephones. The D7C features a high-resolution color display with a completely redesigned user interface. Connected to a Snom phone via USB, the Snom D7C adds another large screen and many useful functions to many Snom phones. With the help of the 16 physical (48 virtual) freely programmable LED function keys, for example, colleagues’ status can be quickly recognized, and the corresponding number can be dialed or a call forwarded. If the corresponding line or the LED function line lights up green, the colleague is available and can take a call.

And for those who want a complete overview, up to three D7Cs can be connected in series to expand the range of functions massively. Thanks to USB plug-and-play, this has never been easier.

The configuration of the Snom D7C also works by itself. You can choose whether you want to configure the Snom D7C via the existing telephone system or the Snom web interface.

The Snom D7C is a modern extension for the Snom phones D785, D765, D735, and D717 and convinces a large, high-resolution color display, a wide range of applications, and easy installation.


  • High-resolution color display (6.8″)
  • 48 (16) programmable keys
  • Expandable with up to two additional modules
  • Modern design
  • Revised user interface
  • Adjustable set-up angle: 46° and 28
  • Plug-and-Play
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Key Color Status


Line Status Keys

16 Keys

Lines per Module

16 Lines / 1 Page

Max Lines

48 Lines

Daisy-chainable Modules

3 Modules / Powersupply needed

Powered via

Host phone up to 1 Module

Compatible with

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