Yeastar O2 module (PSTN/POTS)

Quick Info:

  • adds 2x FXO ports per module
  • allows connecting 2 PSTN  lines

Compatible with:

  • Yeastar S series
  • Yeastar U series

Available accessories:

  • Yeastar EX 08 module
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In stock

Yeastar’s modular concept allows an economic expansion of the MyPBX series.

When inserting the O2 module with 2x FXO ports into your Yeastar IP PBX you can bring in 2x analog phone lines allowing you to make & receive phone calls via legacy PSTN / POTS lines.

The O2 module is especially useful if your business has been using analog phone numbers for some time and wants to migrate to a new IP Telephony System, while needing to maintain existing phone numbers.

The SO module can be used with the following Yeastar MyPBX devices:

  • MyPBX SOHO (up to 2x modules supported)
  • MyPBX Standard (up to 8x modules supported)
  • MyPBX U100 (up to 8x modules supported)
  • MyPBX U200  (up to 8x modules supported)
  • MyPBX U5XX (up to 8x modules supported)
  • MyPBX S20,S50,S100,S300,S412

Product Type

Expansion Module


Compatible with


Expands Capacity by

2x FXO ports

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