Yeastar S2 module (2x FXS)

Quick Info:

  • adds 2x FXS ports per module
  • connect 2x analog phones, Fax etc.

Compatible with:

  • Yeastar S series
  • Yeastar U series

Available accessories:

  • Yeastar EX 08 module
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Yeastar’s modular concept allows an economic expansion of the MyPBX series.

The Yeastar S2 module with 2x FXS ports can connect 2x analog Telephones to your MyPBX device. This module is especially useful if you need to integrate existing analog telephones with your new phone system.

Each Yeastar S2 module allows you to connect 2 analog endpoints such as analog phones, Fax machines or credit card payment terminals to any Yeastar IP PBX. This is especially useful if you need to keep legacy devices connected to your phone network.

The SO module can be used with the following Yeastar MyPBX devices:

  • MyPBX SOHO (up to 2x modules supported)
  • MyPBX Standard (up to 8x modules supported)
  • MyPBX U100 (up to 8x modules supported)
  • MyPBX U200  (up to 8x modules supported)
  • MyPBX U5XX (up to 8x modules supported)

Product Type

Expansion Module


Compatible with


Expands Capacity by

2 x FXS ports

฿67,850.00 for 3 item(s)

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