Sales Consultant

Do you enjoy talking with interesting people every day and want to help them to grow their knowledge about VoIP and how they can benefit from VoIP Thailand’s solutions? We are looking for a charismatic Sales Consultant to join our friendly, hardworking team. If you are results – driven and interested in growing relationships with new prospects than we love to hear from you!

You will: Provide advice and knowledge for existing & potential clients. Build relationships with future customers and make them curious about our solutions. Explain advantages of our VoIP Solutions and how they will improve their business. Drive the sales funnel!

Working hours: You will work 5 days a week including Saturday & Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00 at our shop in Panitp Plaza and have holiday when other people can’t. You can work independently in a relaxed surrounding with minimal supervision but always be switched on to have a friendly chat with potential clients. We teach you everything you need to know and if a customer has any question you can’t answer we are never further than a phone call.

Application Advice:

At VoIP Thailand we hire people, not CV’s. We are always curious to meet interesting passionate people who like to work in a creative surrounding and can blend in with a great multinational team. Tell us more about you: What makes you tic? What would you like to learn from us and in what area can you help us? What motivates you & how do you stay up to date? What practical experience do you bring with along? You are welcome to answer these questions in your cover letter. Tell us about your hobbies and feel free to share your accomplishments with us as well. In your resume there is still space for stations of your career.

If you don’t have all things handy don’t worry either. If you want to apply for a job please send us an email to Please also let us know when you are ready to start, how much you earned in you last job and how much you want to earn now. Want to meet us first? Feel free to come by and have lunch with us. You can find more info at

Whatever way – We are looking forward to meet you!