Professional IVR Recordings

Quick Info:

  • IVR  recording with optional background music
  • choose from our pools of voice talents
  • English and  Thai Voice talents available
  • choose from our pools of voice talents
  • Male and female speaker
  • optional background music

Compatible with:

  • most PABX and IP PBX Phone Systems

Designed for:

  • Offices, Call Centers and Hotels
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An IVR (Interactive Voice Response), also known as Virtual Assistant allows you to route incoming calls effectively to the right contact person without human intervention. A well designed IVR is effective and leaves a professional impression with callers while getting your customers in touch with the right contact person.

VoIP Thailand is experienced in designing professional Company IVR’s. Let us help you to leave a professional first impression with your customers – every time.

The Package includes:

  • Company Greeting
  • One Main IVR with up to two language recordings
  • One After Hour IVR

The designing of the IVR can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Designing of the call flow
  2. Developing of the script ( one or two languages )
  3. Test recording for your phone system
  4. Review of the Call Flow and wording
  5. Adjustment and correction of the IVR Recoding if necessary
  6. Studio Recording ( male or female voice )
  7. Background music ( additional charge )
  8. Converting the recorded file to the right format for your phone system
  9. Uploading, review and finalization of your IVR

Additional Options:

Compatible with most analog, digital and IP PBX’es:

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Package 1 includes:     

Best practice guideline for audio scripting

Choose one voice talent:  up to 2 revisions

Recorded and converted audio file in the right format for your phone system


Package 2 includes: 

Choose a second voice talent for a second language

Adjustment of the script for a second language

2 revisions


Package 3 includes: 

1 Voice talent with background music

Choose and audio file.

2 revisions


Package 4 includes:

2 Voice talents with background music

฿22,950.00 for 2 item(s)