Yeastar 3G module

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The Yeastar 3G / UMTS module is especially designed for companies that have a Sales, Support or Technical Team working outside of the office. AIS, CAT, DTAC, TOT and TRUE offer packages that allow free calls between your employees within the mobile providers’ network resulting in substantial savings for your business.

The module integrates seamlessly within the MyPBX series and calls to coworkers outside of the office can be routed automatically via Mobile Network. When remote staff is calling back they simply call the mobile number that is connected with the 3G/UMTS module in the office. Incoming calls can be routed either to a certain office extension/ring group or reach an IVR which allows them to dial the extension of a college working inside the office.

The 3G/UMTS Module is compatible with the following Network Providers in Thailand:

  • 850 MHz: DTAC, True, MyCAT
  • 2100 MHz:AIS, DTAC, True, TOT3G

The package contains:

  • 1x 3G/UMTS module, 1x Antenna and 1x Antenna connector cable

The 3G/UMTS module is compatible with the following Yeastar devices:

Technical Data

  • 3G/UMTS channels: 1 Channels;
  • Network types: 850/2100MHz
  • 3G/UMTS engine: SIMCom;
  • USIM: 1 USIM per channel, Small plug-in, 3V

Product Type

Expansion Module


Compatible with


Expands Capacity by

1 x 3G mobile port

฿38,450.00 for 2 item(s)

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