4-digit Premium Phone Number

Quick Info:

  • Short dial Number for marketing purposes
  • 35.000 THB application charge
  • 10.000 THB monthly rental charge
  • Call forwarding to any Thai phone number
  • No outbound calling from

Compatible with:

  • any Thai phone number

Designed for:

  • Office usage
  • Call Center usage


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Thailand 4 digit premium short dial phone number

Four-digit phone numbers are the perfect marketing Instrument for end consumer-centered businesses with high inbound call volumes. Phone Numbers easy to remember and guarantee attention for your business while leaving a co-operate image in the head of your clients.

How does this work?

Four-digit short dial numbers are an over the top service for PRI-ISDN lines in Thailand and can’t be used as a standalone product. After a successful application for a four-digit phone number, you need to contact the provider of your PRI-ISDN line and apply to attach and interconnect your new 4-digit-number to your E1 trunk, which might result in additional charges.

Once this setup and interconnection have been finalized, you can receive incoming calls to your new premium phone number. Currently, all four-digit numbers in Thailand start with either 11 XX, 12XX, 13XX, 15XX, 16XX, or 17XX and are reachable from all phone providers in Thailand.

What does it cost?

Calling Rates:

  • Four-digit phone numbers are an over the top service for ISDN-PRI lines and can’t be used for outbound dialing. There is no charge for receiving inbound calls. To call a 4-digit number from anywhere in Thailand, the caller is charged calling rates for a local call.

Ongoing charges:

  • There is a monthly rental fee of 10.000 THB, which is charged on an annual basis.

Application fee:

  • Onetime application fee of 35.000 THB

How long does the application process take?

The application process takes a minimum of 45 days, providing the paperwork is complete.

Disclaimer: A successful application cannot be guaranteed as regulations change, and issuing 4-digit-numbers is in the sole discrediting of the Government regulation body. If your business is not passing its criteria for one or the other reason, you will lose the non-refundable application fee.


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Caller ID

Phone numbers attachable

Concurrent calls

Codecs supported

Available Area Codes

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to mobile per minute

monthly fee per channel

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Compatible with

฿3,000.00 for 2 item(s)

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